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Starting up

Learn more about:
a.     Customers, markets & competition
b.     Testing my idea
c.     Creating my brand
d.     How to find and get funding
e.     Successful business principles
f.      Who to market and sell to
g.     Finding office space
h.     Getting coaching

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Established but Recovering

Learn More About
1.     Access to other funding support (governmental, foundation, other)
2.     How my business environment has changed since COVID
3.     Building back staff
4.     Building new markets
5.     Re-evaluating my product/service
6.     New approaches to serving customers/customer experience
7.     Approaches to partnering
8.     Technology improvements
9.     Use of data/information

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Changing/Exploring New Ideas

Learn More About:
1.     Consider exporting
2.     Opening up new space
3.     Adding/deleting new lines of business
4.     Expanding/new digital presence
5.     Building new markets
6.     Moving to Edmonds
7.     Exploring use of public relations
8.     New staffing trends

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Early Stage

Learn More About
1.     How to develop my website/digital presence
2.     Bringing on staff
3.     Setting up my books
4.     Building my brand/marketing strategy
5.     How to extend funding/find funding alternatives
6.     Building business relationships

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Learn more about:
1.     Scaling efficiently
2.     Use of data/analytics
3.     Available space/opening multiple spaces
4.     Broadening products/service lines
5.     Financing expansion
6.     Building new markets

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